Decision: the action or process of deciding something or resolving a question 
Choice: An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities 

Deciding and choosing are two critical verbs that describe my thoughts and actions when working in the studio. Hoarder is the noun. Hoarding is healthy in my case, as what I hoard inspires me, giving me lots of choices and decisions to make.

My studio is home to a multitude of odd materials and objects that scream color, pattern, and texture. I respond to their clamor for attention intuitively, juxtaposing, intermingling and overlapping materials, reacting instinctively to each move, building on each decision that I make. Color harmonizes or clashes, surface fluctuates between flatness and volume, patterns dissolve, creating a visual interplay between line, form, and color. 

The fusion of common materials such as tape, plastic sheet protectors, grid paper, and foil, creates a seductive physicality that draws viewers closer to my surfaces. That initial seduction pulls them in to decipher between what they actually see and what they believe they are seeing. I offer only visual clues; the viewers create the rest. Successful works evoke curiosity and offers chances to alter the viewers’ perspectives - creating new relationships. Through repurposing and transforming, I want abstraction and the “truth-to-materials” approach to manipulate one’s relationship to these conventional materials—making inexpensive materials appear valuable, precious, or uncommon.